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Congregation Overview Letter, June 2016

Dear Church family,

 We thought it might be helpful to put everything related to the numbers of the Grow the Legacy initiative as well as the new church building in a letter format that everyone can reference.  This will promote clarity as well as keep everyone updated as to exactly where we are at as of June 2016.  Please read through this, and as always, if you have any questions, you can ask me or any member of the Long Range Planning Committee.

Total project cost

· As of this week, we received the completed contract from Eric Payer of M3 Development for the project cost for the addition and the foyer connecting the new building to the existing facility.  Contained within this is the overall building cost as well as a breakdown of the costs associated with the entire project such as site work and grading, architectural fees, permits, specific base contract for building, etc.


 The overall cost as of June 2016:              $773,000 Maximum project budget

 Our plan for payment is as follows:        - $450,000 Loan from Five Star Bank


                                                      -$200,000 Approximate savings

                                                             $123,000  Needed by completion date


· The expected completion date is between December 2016-March 2017.  It’s really  as the Lord wills, but we put an estimated time frame on it to give us a “best guess” scenario.  More on the $123,000 a little further down in this letter!

When will construction begin

· Construction is expected to begin as early as next month (July).  Currently we are in the process of securing the permits necessary to begin the project.  We have already had our preliminary meeting with the Town of Darien, and that went well.  Next, we meet with the Genesee County Planning Board on Thursday,  June 16th, and then the final meeting with the Town of Darien on Monday June 20th.  If all goes as expected, we should have the permits in our hands after that!  The town has been nothing but helpful to us, and we expect no problems in this regard (due mostly to Eric’s proactive involvement with them).


· The other main item that we are waiting on is the NYS Attorney General’s approval that is required for any church looking to take out a loan on behalf of the congregation.  This has been filed, and we have responded to the questions that have been asked.  We are anticipating approval within the next few weeks regarding this matter.


· The church has also been working with a lawyer to combine the various divisions of 6+ acres of property that the church owns into one plot.  Because the properties were given to the church at different times, we have about 4 parcels of land that we need to combine into one for future ease of use.  That has also been turned into the County, and we are expecting those results very soon.


Grow the Legacy Initiative results as of June 5, 2016

· First, let me remind you about some things related to the initiative.  We set a goal over the next two years to bring in a combined offering of $726,000.  This combined offering includes:

-  Our regular operating expenses over the next two years (approximately $200,000/year)

-  Extra giving towards the Grow the Legacy vision


· Secondly, here’s the amazing part, the total of our commitments and expected offering for the next two years is $703,723.33!  That is extremely close to our goal of $726,000!


· Lastly, in regards to the $123,000 referenced earlier in this letter that we do not have in reserve to cover the total building cost, God (through all of you) has been incredibly faithful!  When combining monies given over the last few weeks directly towards this need, and combined with the offering from Celebration Sunday, $85,507 has been given by God’s people at NDBC! What an indescribable commitment of God’s people to this project with their hearts and generosity.  Indeed, a reason to celebrate for what God has done, is doing and what He is going to do.

In conclusion, God is incredibly amazing, and I believe we are just in the beginning stages of watching God do incredible things!  We continue to expect God to use this new building, our existing building, the various ministries, and each one of you to bring immense Glory to His name, and to impact His Kingdom in the name of Jesus Christ.  It is truly a privilege to be participating in this endeavor with each of you!


Blessed to be a part of God’s plan,


Pastor Keith

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