Leadership Team

(left to right) Keith Neureuter, Craig Coffed, Dave Zauner, Bruce Hackett, and Larry Jones.



North Darien is structured to be an elder run church.  By design, the elders are a group of men who oversee all of the needs of the church, but more specifically, the church's spiritual needs.  This design has a couple of advantages to it.  First, it prevents the church from being overseen by only one person, and therefore any traps that come with being labeled as “his church”.  Secondly, it helps maintain a healthy state of well being, should the lead pastor need to step away.  And finally, it promotes each person of the congregation having someone they are comfortable with to speak to regarding matters of importance to them.


An elder run church requires that the elders are Spiritually mature in the way that they deal with and lead the congregation, taking seriously the mandates of I Timothy 3 and Titus 3.  Each one of us as elders takes this task to heart, and desire nothing more than to be under-shepherds of Jesus Christ, who care for and lead the people of North Darien Bible Church in the same way as Christ Himself would.



The deacons at our church are charged with keeping the practical affairs of our church in order.  They (like all the various ministries) work hand-in-hand with the elder board to see to it that God is being honored in all that we do.  For the deacons, this especially includes financial and other practical aspects.  As with all leadership at North Darien, the deacons take seriously the mandates of I Timothy 3 and Titus 3, and have a special concern for the proper handling of all the assets which God has entrusted to us.

(left to right) Dave Keller, Pat Gaudy, Chuck Shisler, Tom Reynolds, Jeff Litteer, Don Dylag, Ed Neureuter, Glen Bailey, and Rob Egloff.

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